Search engine optimization is constantly changing. It is important that agencies follow innovations and can quickly adapt to changes. The question is how to determine the level of SEO-company if you are poorly versed in this, but you need to find a decent performer.

1. Check the position of the site on the Internet, what is the visibility of the site in search engines

To do this, use this tool. This is an important indicator, but do not take it as a basis.

2. Find out how many employees in the company

Think about which company you will be comfortable with doing business: where there are many employees and a team for your project, or where several people work, but they will all work on your project.

3. Note where the company office is located

Decide whether it will be convenient for you to personally meet with the contractors in their office if they can and will want to come to your office. If this is important to you, pay attention. But most often the location of the office does not matter, because you can make video calls and keep in touch online.

4. Find and check out company reviews

Yes, reviews are easy to fake, but fake reviews are easy to identify. First, check if the company of the person who left the review exists. Second, look at the style of the review.

See if there are any photos or videos from the company’s office on the Internet. If employees of the company share photos and videos from the office, then most likely the company is open and does not deceive customers about the number of its employees. The SEO Dubai service happens to be the best deal in this matter.

6. Look at the work in the portfolio

Evaluate not only what is shown and described in the portfolio, but also check the sites yourself.

7. Ask about the availability of certificates and licenses

At a minimum, a company must have certified Yandex. Metrica specialists or Google Analytics.

8. See if the company is talking about successful cases

Serious companies do not hide their working methods, on the contrary, show them to potential clients, as working with a client that understands the specifics are always easier and better. Check the case described in the company’s blog or google it.

We regularly publish case studies on the blog.

Now check media mentions.

  1. Mention in the media suggests that the company is not new and is working on awareness.
  2. Is the company active in social networks: Facebook, YouTube, etc.
  3. Is there any mention of the company on thematic platforms and conferences.